CibusDx Food Safety System  

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new technologies.

CibusDx introduces new technologies that improve the most important functions of food safety testing. From re-architecting how it stores/transmits your data, to improving the efficiency by cutting time and transportation costs to unleashing the full power of today's latest in electrochemistry findings to improve accuracy, it’s all central to the CibusDx experience.


New technologies at the heart of the CibusDx food safety system make your food testing process simple. They lay the foundation for a safer and stronger food supply chain. CibusDx refines the process by removing sample transportation costs, and integrating seamlessly into your quality systems. 

It’s food safety at its highest level yet.
From Farm to Fork.

Food Safety Matters

In 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that annually, one in ten people worldwide (600 million people) fall ill and 420,000 people die from eating contaminated food. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 48 million people get sick within the United States. Of that 48 million, 125,000 people are hospitalized, and 3,000 people die each year from foodborne pathogens.
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The new standard for Food Testing

With the rising need for greater amounts of food safety testing. A new standard is arriving with the CibusDx system. Test results in 30 minutes, limited preparation, electronic test result transmission, QMS integrations, and more. Using the CibusDx system allows you to do more with less. Resulting in a safer food supply chain.
Testing is now under YOUR management.

Your location. Your staff. Your test results. Integration into Your QMS.

To your business, safety and compliance is almost everything, and a testing system is what controls it. Current lab based testing systems were designed in the early days of food safety, and they have performed beautifully ever since. But today’s new technologies open up new possibilities for innovation, so it’s time to lay a new foundation. With CibusDx, we’re introducing the fastest, most portable food pathogen testing system. Developed to be used anytime, anywhere, by anyone. The advanced architecture brings a new level of security and responsiveness.


The test strips use our proprietary APOLLOMER probes that bind to the analyte of interest. The binding allows the hardware to detect the analyte.

The test strips are meant for one time use and are disposable.

Unlike traditional testing hardware, our device is very low cost. (only a few hundred dollars)  The analyzer determines what test is present, performs the test, and reports the test results to the smart device (app) via bluetooth.

The app is the brains of the operation. It sets the incubation time, the parameters for the test, reads the test results, and gives either a quantitative or qualitative result to the user in a simple, easy to read format.

Our web service integrates with your QMS to send GPS tagged test results in real time.  In the future, the CibusDx servers will perform advanced analytics on the test results. 

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